About Noggin the Nog

See Neil Jones's amazing site for more details about the Northlands than you can handle. This site is the source of truth for all things Noggin.

But in brief, Noggin the Nog is a series broadcast on the BBC. Written by Oliver Postgate and illustrated by Peter Firmin, the series ran from 1959 to 1965. Nogbad The Bad is a really mean character in the series.

It's a "cult classic" according Wikipedia, which means many thousands of 60-year-olds just discovered they're in a cult. But we're relieved it's a good one.

You can also find more details about all the characters in Noggin The Nog at The Smallfilms Treasury.

About me

I have been a fan of Noggin The Nog as long as I can remember. That's by no means an exaggeration because 1959 was a banner for the show and for me.

I mostly do computers, and mostly Amazon Web Services these days. Let me know if you need a hand with anything. You can contact me on LinkedIn.

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